Remember the safe work procedure of LCES

L – Lookouts Post a lookout to observe the fire conditions.
C – Communications Maintain good communications at all times.
E – Escape routes Know where your escape routes are.
S – Safety zones Know where your safe areas are.

Pumps & Water Delivery Systems


When working around fire pumps protect your hearing by using ear muffs and avoid touching the hot muffler.

When choosing a location to set up a pump, select an area that is free of lower limbs, hazardous trees, falling rocks or any obstacle that would impede a speedy evacuation. Take the time to clear out the area to be used and make it safe. Be aware of steep or slippery shorelines and fast moving water.

When working with or around pressurized fire hose, be careful of possible hose rupture due to the high pressures used in firefighting operations.

When using fire foam avoid getting the foam on your skin or in your eyes as it is caustic and can irritate skin. Wash with copious amounts of water if contaminated. Avoid letting any foam spill into water ways such as streams, creeks, ponds and lakes.