Evacuation Procedures


If an order to evacuate or to leave the fire for any reason, is given, fire fighter’s must remain calm, do not panic, follow the crew leader’s instructions, stay with your crew, take your tools and personal gear and proceed to the designated safe area by way of the established escape route.

If you become separated from your crew immediately find a safe area such as a wet or swampy area, a creek, some rocky ground or find a burnt out area and seek refuge there. Never try to outrun a fire by going up-hill. Move across the slope and/or down-hill from a fire. Protect yourself at all times from heat exposure.

In the event of a self-directed evacuation, leave the area immediately, proceed to a pre-established safe area and inform the supervisor as soon as possible.

Emergency Radio Procedures


If you have an extreme emergency where someone’s life is in danger, and you must use the two way radio, make sure the radio is turned on and the volume is up. Hold the radio upright and using the channel the radio is already on, hold the radio close to your mouth, press the push to talk button and in a clear calm voice say as one sentence; “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday” then state your name, your location and the nature of the emergency. If you get no reply, first try broadcasting from a new location, if you still get no reply from two different locations, try a different channel. Keep your conversations short and to the point. Even if you get no reply, someone may have heard your message and passed on the information to the proper authorities.

Remember, the radio term “Mayday” should only be used in extreme emergencies if there is a threat to someone’s life.

If you have a non-life threatening situation, but require emergency assistance, use the term “Pan, Pan, Pan” and follow the above mentioned procedures.