Personal Responsibility


While working on the fire line, fire fighters must remember to protect themselves at all times from the numerous hazards associated with the job.

Unsafe personal behavior includes working while fatigued, being overconfident, rushing or working too fast, running, panicking, not following instructions, not taking the time to fully understand instructions, not knowing where the escape routes are, not taking adequate rest stops and not communicating clearly can result in injury. Because of the many tripping hazards associated with the forest floor, never run while working on the fire line.



Workers should always keep in mind the WATCH OUT slogan for fire line safety:

W – Weather dominates fire behavior, so keep informed.
A – Actions must be based on current and expected fire behavior.
T – Try out at least two escape routes.
C – Communications, maintain them with your crew, your boss and adjoining forces.
H – Hazards such as snags, flash fuels and dangerous terrain.
O – Observe changes in the wind direction or velocity, humidity clouds, etc.
U – Understand your instructions and make sure yours are understood.
T – Think clearly, stay alert and act decisively before your situation becomes critical.