S100A Firefighting Recertification


S100A Firefighting Recertification exam and certificate.



This products allows you to take the S100A re-certification exam (and review the study material) until you pass. You will then be issued a certificate by email.

You can pay using a credit card, or a debit card if it has a Visa or MasterCard logo on it (most Canadian bank debit cards now have this).

You can also pay using Interac eTransfer through your online banking (you will be taken to your bank to complete the transaction, and then be returned to this site).

Once we receive your payment (usually immediately), you can continue to the exam. Once you pass the exam, you will be issued a Recertification Certificate.

Note: If you require a physical copy of your certification card, contact Alex (additional charges may apply).

(Looking for your group to go through the s100a re-certification? Contact Alex to set your group up to allow your group to go through the re-certification and be invoiced instead of individual payments.)